Lease Purchase Program

In this 21st century, many well-known companies are offering truck driver Lease Purchase Program jobs. But KSM Carrier Group (A reliable truck driver company) is offering these purchase programs in a different way giving advantages in transportation. Company CDL drivers and owner operator trucking jobs are also available. This company has made the Lease Purchase Program to make you your own boss. Owners can easily operate and look after the business through upgrading technology.

How it works?

Lease purchase programs have made great responses amongst the truck drivers. These programs mainly work in two parts.

  • Regular Lease Agreement for a truck
  • An opportunity to purchase that truck further

Through companies like KSM Carrier Group, the drivers can lease the trucks and further they get an option to buy that truck. On the other hand, they may get a fee or a regular monthly salary in the lease term. So whoever is looking for buying a truck can take a look at the Lease Purchase Programs of the companies.

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Advantages of Lease Purchase Program Jobs:

Now a day, if anyone wants to buy a truck, he/she should take the Lease Purchase Program. The advantages of the program are:

  • Lower monthly truck payments
  • Easy to maintain the business
  • Can build your own business
  • Create your own driving schedule

These companies are also giving some excellent services. Such as-

  • Owner Operator Trucking Jobs
  • Company driver
  • Specialized OTR
  • Carrier Truck Service
  • Transportation Service

So we can see that it is a great attempt taken by the KSM Carrier Group for the truck drivers and owners. They can easily lease trucks from this company and further following the terms and conditions they can become the owner of that truck.

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Type of Lease program

There are two types of lease program. They are:

  • Capital lease (includes the liability and the asset for the lease.)
  • Operating lease ( includes expenses that are kept off of the book)

So the contractors and the business owners have to know what they really want to do and which will be more efficient for them.

Why KSM Carrier Group has one of the finest Lease Purchase Programs?

A company driver can build up his carrier to become an owner-operator by enrolling in the lease purchase program. It will allow him to make more money and gather experience in the business sector. In this way, he can own the truck that he drives and start his own business.

In KSM Carrier Group:

  • When drivers register in this program, they are classified as owner-operators without any delay.
  • They start to earn owner operator money from the beginning
  • They have to maintain the expenses of the owner-operator, counting the truck payments.
  • As a contractor, you have to pay for your own licensing and permitting.

The Company is offering two major opportunities which make it unique and special from other companies. Those are:-

  • $0 Down Payment: There is an option for the drivers to become the owner-operator with $0 down payment. There will be no liability for the contractor.
  • Walk away lease: You can return the truck at the end of the lease period. There will be no credit harm.

Lease Purchase Program


There major things you need to enrol in this Lease Purchase Program-

  • Class A Commercial Driving License (CDL)
  • Age must be 23 years or above
  • At least 1 year of OTR experience


In a word, it is seen that lease purchase programs are very effective, profitable and economical for the new and old truck drivers and owners. Those who are willing to start a business, they should follow up with the lease purchase program. It will be beneficial for them.

KSM Carrier Group is a reliable truck driver company that is giving all the opportunities related to this Lease Purchase Program. So, if you are ready to take a step forward in this sector, KSM Carrier Group will be always there to help you to get success in this regard.